Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)

Canadian businesses, non-profit organizations, or charities who have marked a drop in revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for CERS to cover part of their rent or property expenses. This is introduced on September 27, 2020, and will continue until September 25, 2021, with a possible extension until October 2021. This subsidy will provide payments directly to qualifying renters and property owners without requiring the participation of landlords.

Eligibility Criteria:
a.Make sure your business is not related to an affiliated group, as this might affect your calculations for the subsidy.

b.You must have a CRA business number or payroll account.

c.Your drop in revenue is calculated by comparing your eligible revenue during the reference period with your eligible revenue from a previous period (baseline revenue). Right now, to qualify, there must be a minimum revenue drop of more than 10%.

d.You must have eligible expenses. Only certain expenses you pay for qualifying properties are qualified for CERS.

Application Process:
a.The last day you can apply is Thursday, January 27, 2022.
b.You must submit a separate application for each eligible claim period
c.Right now, the applications for the claim period of July 4th till July 31st are open. An application must be filed no later than 180 days after the end of the claim period.
d.There are two ways to apply:
Option 1: Businesses may apply using My Business Account
Option 2: Your Accountant can apply for your business using Represent a Client.

For help understanding the application form and line numbers, contact IDM Professional Corporation/ Ishali Mulchandani CPA.