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Take the stress out of real estate investing and be the confident you in this highly competitive and increasingly complex industry.

We understand the audit, tax and financing issues faced by real estate investors like you, and we’re here to help. Our team is trained to create innovative financial and business solutions to resolve these wide-ranging challenges and opportunities for you.
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Real Estate Tax Advisory
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US real estate rentals and related withholding tax issues
US real estate sales and related withholding tax issues

IDM is a growth-minded team that offers individualized real estate tax and accounting services and 24 hours response time guarantee for real estate investors like yourself. If you want a CPA who understands the complexity of real estate investing and ensures you don’t miss out on tax-saving opportunities then, let’s find out more!


I’m planning to diversify my financial portfolio and I’m seeing real estate as an attractive investment but I’m quite overwhelmed by all of the complex tax information online.

As real estate investors ourselves, we understand your reason to be overwhelmed and are passionate about helping you navigate this journey making tax planning a very simple language.

I have a real estate investment portfolio and my friend who has the similar situation pays less taxes than me. I am tired of paying more taxes. Please help.

Congratulations on investing in one of the most tax-friendly asset class. Based on your individual situation we would love to customize a creative tax planning solution to substantially reduce your tax, putting more money in your pocket perhaps to buy even more real estate and enhance your investment portfolio.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I first started investing in real estate, I did not realize the huge potential in tax savings. It’s only after I met with Ishali, I understood that despite of making close to $500,000 between me and my husband with our medical practice income and real estate rental income we could pay as little as $50,000 in tax. Thanks to her creative tax planning strategies we now have over 50 real estate properties.”

- Melanie Scott
M.D, Real Estate Investor


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