Confident and Knowledgeable

When Ishali asked me to write a testimonial on her behalf I was thrilled.  She helped me enormously with a very big project.  There were a lot of complex issues.  Her knowledge was very impressive.  She worked diligently and nonstop on my return.  In fact, she worked holidays and weekends as we were under time pressure. On another note, she was relaxed and calm in her demeanor.  Her confidence was very reassuring to me. 

I was impressed with her advice and attention to detail.  She is an expert in her field, without doubt.  She made herself available, so I could speak with her during the day and off hours.  We were working against a deadline and I found her support and knowledge not only extremely professional, it was very encouraging.

If you have to file taxes, Canadian, American or both, I would highly recommend Ishali Mulchandani.