Top Reasons Why Real Estate is a Good Investment

Real estate is one of the most stable markets on the market. The term “real estate” refers to land and the structures on it. This includes homes, shops, workplaces, and any other structure or property that you can buy. As a result, the real estate market is large, and many people strive to profit from it. One of the wisest decisions a person can make is to invest in real estate. Interested in learning why you should invest in real estate? Here are some compelling reasons for you to do so.

Regular Cash Flow

The majority of investments do not generate cash flow. You put your money into an asset and don’t touch it until you sell it, such as stocks. When you invest in buy-and-hold real estate and have tenants paying rent, you generate monthly cash flow. Your cash flow is the difference between the amount collected and your costs. You can use it to pay your monthly payments, put money down for the future, or even build a larger real estate portfolio.

Investment Leverage

There aren’t many other investments that allow you to put your money into assets that are worth substantially more than you put in. If you have $10,000 to invest in the stock market, for example, you can typically buy only $10,000 worth of stock. The only exception is if you invest on margin (borrow), which requires you to be an accredited investor with a high net worth.

You can invest in real estate by putting down a fraction of the home’s cost. Let’s assume you found a home for $100,000 and put down $10,000; if you have decent credit and a steady salary, you should be able to get a loan to cover the remainder of the cost.

That means you just have to invest 10% of the asset’s value to own it. Then, as you pay down the mortgage, you’ll be able to keep more of the investment over time, boosting your rate of return not only by paying down the mortgage but also by the natural appreciation of real estate.


The value of real estate tends to rise with time. While most stocks share this trait, they are generally more volatile and unpredictable. Because the need for land continues to rise, the value of land you own will continue to rise over time.

This feature gives individuals more confidence when buying real estate because it is much easier to estimate how the investment will perform. If you purchase land now, it might be worth ten times its original cost in the future.

By renovating or upgrading the property, you can potentially force appreciation. You can enhance the value of a home faster than natural appreciation happens, providing you a higher return on your investment, whether you buy an inexpensive property and fix it up to sell it or renovate a rental property.

Tax Benefits

Real estate investors, like any other business owner, can take advantage of numerous tax deductions. When you own a property and rent it out, though, you are running a business – you are the landlord.

You can generally deduct the following expenses as a business owner:

  • The amount of mortgage interest that has been paid on the loan
  • Origination points paid on the loan
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Depreciation (spread out over 27.5 years)
  • HOA dues, real estate taxes, and homeowner’s insurance

Always consult to your tax professional before thinking you can deduct expenses, but keep in mind that real estate investment is a benefit. You can only write off capital losses if you sell an asset for less than you bought for it when you invest in stocks or bonds.

Tangible Asset

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in real estate is that you will be purchasing tangible assets. When you buy a property, you have the option of physically visiting it and acknowledging its reality. Unlike stocks, which are not tangible assets, your properties will retain its value regardless of how awful the real estate market becomes.

Stocks have the potential to go down in value, leaving you impoverished. While real estate acquisitions are not guaranteed to provide a profit, any losses can be recouped by selling the property or using it in other ways.

Now is an excellent moment to invest in real estate if you haven’t already. There are numerous chances for investors to purchase a property and provide rentals to the community. Millions of individuals are resorting to rentals as the world picks up the pieces after the pandemic, either because they can no longer afford their mortgage or because they’ve picked up and gone to a new state for a fresh start.

You may leverage your investment and reap the profits real estate offers if you have the money for a downpayment and the credentials to acquire a mortgage.

When you choose to invest in real estate, it is vital to your success to consult a professional who knows what they are doing. At IDM Professional Corporation CPA we value your investment and help you make the best decisions financially to meet your investment needs.

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